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BTV Solo - The Beat Maker

Superior Song Writing!

How to make a beat in BTV Solo in 6 easy steps and learn the software’s most important functions.

1. Get into Pattern Mode - After opening BTV Solo switch to pattern mode by clicking the “Pattern” button, which is located on the upper left besides BTV Solo’s screen. Pattern mode is where you create and edit patterns or loops.

Create a new pattern by clicking on the soft button labelled “New”.  Soft buttons are the buttons at the bottom of BTV Solo’s screen.  They are called soft buttons because their labels and functions change in accordance to the mode BTV Solo is in.

2. Choose a Drum Kit - In BTV Solo’s browser open the folder “Solo Kits” and choose a kit by double clicking on it. Now you can play the kit by clicking on the drum pads with your mouse or by using your computer keyboard, letters A to K and W to U.  The small letters below and above the pads show by which computer key they can be triggered.  Step through the different banks of a kit by clicking the Bank up / Bank down buttons on the right of the user interface.

3. Set the Tempo - When you have found the right kit it’s time to set the tempo for your beat. When you click the record and the play button you can hear the metronome playing at the default tempo of 120 BPM.  You can change the tempo by clicking and dragging the displayed BPM number.  If you cannot hear the metronome click on the left or right arrow soft key to access the soft key labelled “Click”.  Set it to “Rec Only” or “Rec & Play” depending on whether you like to hear the metronome in record mode only or also while playing back.

4. Record Your Drums - Now it’s time to record! With the Play and Rec button still active play something with the drum pads.  We suggest you play kick and snare first.  After four bars you can listen to what you just recorded.  If you don’t like it click the undo button or simply press Cmd + Z (Mac) or Ctrl + Z (PC).

Quick tip 1: You don’t have to hit stop to switch between record and playback.  By clicking the record button while playback is active you can fluidly change between practicing and recording.

Quick tip 2: When you have difficulties recording a pattern because the song tempo is too high, record the pattern at a lower BPM setting and then return to your initial tempo.

5. Record More Tracks - Click on track button 2 and select another kit or instrument.  Instruments are located in the folder labelled “Solo Instruments”.  Then repeat step 5.  When you’ve finished your second track record the third and so on. You can record up to 16 tracks.

6. Save Your Creation - Don’t forget to store your pattern by clicking the “Save” button or by pressing Cmd + S (Mac) or Ctrl + S (PC).



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How to Make A Beat With BTV Solo


Top Art And Entertainment Product

Follow the video as everything is discussed:

It’s A Product That’s Highly Recommended!

Top Product - BTV Solo

- How to unlock BTV Solo after purchase
- What your computer may need
- How the sequencing works
- Choosing the sound kits
- How to get a pattern together
- How to use the song mode
- How to save and export your song


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